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Article provided by: Thompson Valley Restoration DKI

storm damage Kamloops

Natural disasters come without warning, and the aftermath can be deeply traumatizing. That said, beginning the restoration process immediately is vital towards saving costs and time in repairs. Thompson Valley Restoration DKI Ltd offers storm damage in Kamloops restoration services. Our restoration building contractors in Kamloops BC are highly skilled and experienced in mitigating storm damage and repairing structural damage caused by a storm.

Types of Storm Damage

When a storm hits, it can cause immeasurable damage to your property. You may suffer from the following types of storm damage:

  • Water Damage

Water intrusion will no doubt penetrate all the way to the foundation of your property. It will cause mold, pose a fire hazard, and compromise the structural integrity of your house. As such, it’s advisable to hire a licensed restoration contractor for mold, flood, and fire restoration services who will deal with the damage and leak-proof your home.

  • Storm Debris

While you may see some damage from debris, violent storms can send debris flying through the air, which can hit the roof and result in damages that you might not notice. When something hard hits the roof, it can shatter the fiberglass mat found inside the shingle. Once this mat is broken, the shingles will start to deteriorate with time. It’s, therefore, crucial to have your roof inspected after a storm that had caused objects to fly in the air or branches to break from trees.

  • Hail Damage

A heavy hail storm can present long-term problems for your home. After a hail storm, look for missing parts of the roof or shingles. Penetration of wooden shake or asphalt shingles results in leaks, water damage, and even rot. That is why you need to call a professional restoration contractor to assess the damage and deal with the problem immediately.

  • Wind Damage

Even if a storm has no hail or rain, it can still cause damage to your roof and the rest of the house. Strong winds are capable of creating stress points on your roof and, over time, weaken it. Look for damaged or missing shingles around your property and on the roof. If the wind damage in Kamloops covers less than 30 percent of the whole roof, then a roofing project will address the issue.

What to Expect from Us

If a storm has extensively damaged your residential or commercial property, Thompson Valley Restoration DKI Ltd can provide the following services, affordably:

  • Remove all the debris from your property, including shingles, tree branches, bushes, etc.
  • Repair any exterior damage such as the doors, roof, siding, and windows
  • Completely stabilize your property using board ups and tarping.

The damage as a result of a storm will only get worse if it’s not addressed right away. If you’ve suffered wind and storm damage, be sure to call us for emergency services.

Swift Storm Damage Restoration Services

Thompson Valley Restoration DKI Ltd is prepared for any emergency cases, whether large or small scale as a result of storm damage in Kamloops. We respond promptly and offer 24/7 immediate response. You can depend on us for storm damage and water remediation for Kamloops. Call us today on (250) 372-1335 for a free quotation.

storm damage Kamloops

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storm damage Kamloops

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