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Mattress recycling Vancouver

Old and discarded mattresses pose several threats when they end up in landfills. This setup is because they are not biodegradable and will take centuries to break down into smaller pieces. Even centuries may not be enough to decompose heavy and large metallic springs. Mattresses possess chemicals that leech into the ground and end up in our waters and food supplies.

How can you dispose of mattresses responsibly?

It is a visible awkwardness to dispose of the mattress in the regular trash bin. The bulk waste program may also not accept a mattress as part of the materials they can transport or recycle. Junkyard Angels has a removal service that will transport your mattress to a proper recycling facility. The main perk of choosing us is that we will remove the mattress no matter your location and leave it at the appropriate disposal site.

What is mattress recycling?

Mattress recycling in Vancouver involves taking apart the components of a mattress to reuse them in other relevant procedures. It is not the same as refurbishing because the recycling staff will disassemble the pallet completely, whereas a refurbishing team will reupholster and resell.

The good news about the procedure is that most materials have a secondary purpose. The following is a list of all elements that make up a bedding and possible methods of repurposing:

  • Foam – They will undergo shredding, and the materials will be useful in making carpets.
  • Coils and springs – They have dynamic usage when melted.
  • Fiber – Cotton and other fibers will serve a purpose in creating insulation materials and fuel.
  • Upholstery and fabrics – These versatile resources will prove useful in any industry.
  • Wood – The logs will make for a good energy source after a burning.

Why should you recycle your mattress?

  • As stated earlier, it is unwise to add a mattress to the landfill because they take years to decompose.
  • These old disposals take up a lot of space and quickly accelerate the maximum waste to maximum capacity for the landfill.
  • Big cities will quickly turn into significant dumpsites because of the constant large population.
  • There is a high risk of polluting the environment when chemicals seep into the ground and the water.
  • Mattress recycling in Vancouver makes better business sense than discarding because of the increased resources. It also requires minimal labor because recycling teams mostly use their hands to take apart the materials. It is an inexpensive process that will yield more significant results than traditional ways of disposing of the mattresses.
  • This option of disposal creates job vacancies for the staff at Junkyard Angel and the recycling team.
  • It is illegal to dump a mattress into a landfill because of the lack of eco-friendliness in the results.

The United States sees a daily discard of up to 50,000 mattresses. This a significant number that eventually translates to big environmental problems. Junkyard Angel is at the forefront of creating a healthy living space by collaborating with other like-minded firms. Work with us today to ensure that your bedding is not part of the problem ravaging our city.





Mattress recycling Vancouver

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