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Article provided by: Alberta MoldPro

Alberta Asbestos Removal

Your home is a safe place where you go to enjoy, relax, and spend time with family and friends. But it can become unsafe in the presence of asbestos. Asbestos was quite popular for decades as a building material owing to its fire-resistant, insulating, and structural properties. However, it was discovered that the substance causes significant health issues to humans.

If asbestos is found in your home during a renovation, it’s important to call experts to deal with the situation. At MoldPro, we are a premier certified Alberta asbestos removal company. We’re pros at developing effective solutions that comply with stringent city, federal, and state regulations.

Importance of Hiring Professionals for Asbestos Removal

Here are reasons why you should leave asbestos removal in the hands of experts

  1. They are Trained

Asbestos removal specialists have undergone rigorous training to make sure they know the right way to remove and dispose of the material. Without training, it might not be possible to contain asbestos, endangering your health and that of everyone around you.

  1. Extensive Knowledge and Correct Identification of Asbestos

One essential aspect of managing asbestos is knowing how to identify it properly. Otherwise, if you don’t have adequate knowledge about asbestos, you may be exposed to the hazardous material without knowing.

Professionals have experience handling asbestos. As such, they will know where to look for it, how to identify it, and how to remove it safely. This will minimize the risk of mishandling asbestos, which can result in serious legal ramifications.

  1. To Avoid Health Risks

Asbestos can be easily disturbed. By attempting to remove it yourself, it could release highly toxic asbestos fibers in the air that can get lodged in your lung, causing diseases like asbestosis, pleural plaques, pleural thickening, mesothelioma, and lung cancer. It may take even 20 years for symptoms of these diseases to manifest. Enlisting the services of experts will minimize the chances of contracting asbestos-related diseases.

  1. Proper Handling Techniques and Protective Equipment

It’s crucial to have the recommended safety gear and know-how to protect yourself when it comes to asbestos. A top-rated asbestos removal company equips their team with industry-standard PPE to ensure their specialists are protected as they get rid of the asbestos in your home.

  1. Fast Removal

Because asbestos is easily disturbed, it’s imperative to have it removed as quickly as possible to prevent exposure. This is something professionals can do.

  1. Effective Management and Safety Plans

Asbestos pros closely monitor asbestos after correctly identifying it, then confirm if it’s safe to leave it where it is. If it is, they will inform you and the relevant authorities of its exact location. Further, the specialists will advise you on the best ways to manage asbestos in your property safely.

Asbestos Removal Specialists

At MoldPro, we believe homes should always be safe. That is why we’re committed to offering top-of-the-line Alberta asbestos removal services. When you contact us, our team will work hard to ensure you have a healthy indoor environment. If you suspect your home has asbestos, call us today: (403) 371-7836.

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